After Git Resolves Conflict


Incorrect: git commit xx -m 'description' Correct use of i instructions: git commit xx -i -m 'instructions' Then push the code

同じ one.txt ファイルは A、B 2人が変更した後、Aが送信された後、Bプル操作がマージを要求し、競合を解決した後、このファイルを個別に送信し、変更を保持します two.txt ファイル

1.B pull operation 2. Manually resolve conflicts 3.add xx 4.git commit xx -i -m 'description'


-Press Esc to exit the input mode and enter the command line mode is also the system default mode -o, i, a can all enter the input mode -Type in the command mode: wq to save the changes and exit -If you only want to save the file, type: w, and after pressing Enter, the bottom line will prompt to write the operation result, and stay in the command mode -Abandon all file modifications, press Esc to enter the command mode, type: q! After pressing enter, give up the modifications and exit -Abandon all file modifications, but do not exit, that is, return to the state of the last save operation after the file was opened, and continue the file operation. Press Esc to enter the command mode, type: e! and press Enter to return to the command mode -Undo the last step: command u -Resume the undone operation in the previous step Ctrl+r