How Obtain Onedrive 5t Free Cloud Space


Netdisk has always been a tool we need. We need it for sharing resources and accessing large files in our lives. We are more convenient because of their existence. There are many netdisks at home and abroad, but many are charged. Yes, and the free cloud space provided by some online disks is too small, and it is very troublesome to open multiple accounts. The domestic Baidu online disk is very popular with everyone, not only can you have 2T after you register Free cloud space, and resource sharing is very convenient, but what? Baidu's web disk has a speed limit and large files cannot be downloaded or decompressed for non-members. In addition, the web disk is very harmonious with some domestic 'plug-ins', so basically if you don't buy a member, it can only be a few Kb to a dozen Kb per second The destination of downloading, this is a very worrying thing for us, so we have this issue of sharing! This time I’m going to share a senior network disk from abroad—OneDrive. We use a special method to permanently obtain 5T of free cloud space. You can log in with Microsoft or log in with an office365 account. Another advantage of OneDrive is that it downloads. The speed is still very fast, the account upload and download is completely unlimited, let's introduce in detail how to obtain this artifact! (The car has been sent, ready!) After users register for OneDrive with a Microsoft account, they can get 7G of free storage space. If you need more space, you can spend money to buy it. 20G of storage space is $10/year you can also invite other users to register on OneDrive and use the photo upload function, then Extra 8G storage space for lessons



First, enter this URL in the browser address bar: After entering, you can assign a temporary mailbox for you in the upper right corner You'd better record this email and the password you want to enter in a txt file. You may need to upload the file later. Of course, if you have a web browser password that you will share later, you can also display the artifact! (Screenshot below)

[、、(img-5SxkFVNs-1578023455286)(./ OneDrive-5T / .png)]

After obtaining the temporary email address, the browser enters this website:, and register using the email address just obtained, as shown in the following figure:

[、、(img-bqbwLpwF-1578023455290)(./ OneDrive-5T / office365 .png)]

Select [I am a teacher] and proceed to the next step, as shown in the screenshot:

[、、(img-nxH5iw9a-1578023455293)(./ OneDrive-5T / 1.png)]

Fill in the registration information, the name can be filled in whatever you want, as shown below:

[、、(img-V1rPRJEq-1578023455298)(./ OneDrive-5T / 2.png)]

After filling in the information, the registration code will be sent, we will get the registration code in the temporary mailbox and it will be OK, as shown below:

[、、(img-cTDbyehm-1578023455301)(./ OneDrive-5T / 3.png)]

Enter this page, click [Skip], as shown below:

[、、(img-ecJX5vDG-1578023455302)(./ OneDrive-5T / 4.png)]

At this step, the registration has been completed and we have obtained 5TB of free cloud space
The normal Win10 operating system will come with OneDrive, just search on the computer, as shown below:

[、、(img-RTLW5q0q-1578023455305)(./ OneDrive-5T / 1.png)]

Friends who really haven’t found it, download it by yourself from the Microsoft App Store, or follow our official account [Konggu Xiaoyulan], and then reply to 'OneDrive' to get the installation package. Please install this again, and then log in to your account.

[、、(img-B6QXcc​​CG-1578023455309)(./ OneDrive-5T / 2.png)]

[、、(img-1M2j3jFZ-1578023455311)(./ OneDrive-5T / 1.png)]

[、、(img-IGnYnSk4-1578023455313)(./ OneDrive-5T / 2.png)]

You can see that 5TB is already in hand, as shown below:

[、、(img-PDZMpIUt-1578023455317)(./ OneDrive-5T / 1.png)]

Reminder description: To transfer files to OneDrive, you must copy the files to the disk where OneDrive was installed If you want to store files on OneDrive and delete the local files without affecting the cloud files, you need to do the following, remember [Finally, even if the folder attribute is 0 pages, you cannot delete it, otherwise the contents of the cloud space will disappear together] After freeing up the space, the size of all folders will become 0Kb, but they have been reserved on the cloud platform PS: Some large files are slow to release space, so you will see the effect after a while Let's now look at the situation on the OneDrive cloud, as shown below: As for the Android and iOS terminals, similar operations! Finally, you can take a look at this article to understand in more detail: